About Us

Radio Gaakii (meaning Faith) was birthed in June, 2011 to edify and improve the lives of indigenes and residents in the Eastern Corridor of the Northern Region of Ghana. The radio station is one of three others, Nkwa at AsinFosu (Central Region) and Nkonim at Asamankese (Eastern Region), which make up the Theovision Radio Network.
As policy makers initiate social intervention programs, Radio Gaakii presents the much needed platform for breaking down these policies to the natives through carefully crafted culturally relevant programs.
Radio Gaakii, located in Saboba, about 36 miles to the east of Yendi, can be heard in over 10 political districts in the North Eastern Corridor of Ghana where over one million people reside.
The station broadcasts in Likpakpaln (Konkomba) and Dagbani, the native languages, in order to be culturally relevant, and also in English to encourage worldwide integration and development. By broadcasting in local languages, the station has successfully recruited and trained some locals to present various programs to great effect.
Radio Gaakii seeks to use the Media to transform lives while remaining competitive and relevant.
To build up communities through effective and desirable programs that empowers our audience to be well informed.
Radio Gaakii value above all: TRUTHFULNESS, RELIABILITY, NEUTRALITY and COMMITMENT. TRUTHFULNESS: we communicate the Truth in transparent manner.
RELIABILITY: we are reliable in telling the truth.
COMMITMENT: we are committed to the communities and clients we serve.

Radio Gaakii uses its wide regional coverage and its tag as the preferred listened to radio station in the catchment area to achieve the following goals;

  1. To enhance the general welfare of listeners especially in their family, occupation and communal living.
  2. To bridge the gap in information dissemination in Ghana, between the well informed southerners and the deprived northerners through carefully crafted educative and informative programs.
  3. To promote preventive healthcare among the people while encouraging them to seek trusted sources of healthcare delivery
  4. To create awareness about ongoing social interventions programs and encourage natives to patronize and own such program
  5. To reduce the spate of teenage pregnancy, HIV- AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases while also curbing domestic violence, child delinquency and other related social vices.
  6. To help eliminate gender disparity in primary education through educative radio programs to encourage parents to send their girl child to school.
    Radio Gaakii is willing to work with Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) as well as business entities by making the following services available.
    partners (also known as clients) have the opportunity to leverage on our wide listeners base in promoting their products, Services. Causes and programs
    partners can also sponsor airtime to share the impact of their ministries and organizations while creating awareness through interviews or via their own productions.
    News items
    radio Gaakii’s news reporters cover partner’s stories, news and other events for broadcast.
    Live Presenter Mentions
    partners will be given live presenter mentions (LPMs) during broadcast of popular programs, major news bulleting and other special programs.
    Madam Aku (real name hidden) – food seller at Saboba
    “I wanted to commit suicide because of the overwhelming problems my family and I were facing. I had thought out how to execute the whole plan and I was only waiting the right time and place. One dawn as I pondered over my plans I heard the man who preaches every morning on your radio station, talking about endurance and perseverance. It was as if he was talking to me so I called the station for help. Today, By God’s grace, and through Radio Gaakii, I am free.”
    From a student listener
    my father was so unyielding that he would not allow anyone to change the radio channel even if he wasn’t listening. As a result, my mom would always wake up at dawn when dad was asleep, to listen to morning dew on Radio Gaakii. One day, out of curiosity my dad decided to listen to the program with my mom. That was the beginning of his new love affair with Radio Gaakii. He doesn’t listen to any other station new.”