The parliamentary candidate on the ticket of the NDC for the Saboba constituency,Hon Joseph Bukari Ninkpe on Tuesday 3rd May,2020 embarked on a generous and heartwarming distribution of Nose mask to the general public especially patron’s of the various markets in the Saboba district igniting gratitude and cheers among beneficiaries.
The district wide exercise that kicked started in the Wapuli marked where about a thousand nose masks were distributed to traders and residents of the area is supposed to be repeated in other main markets in the Saboba district.

Mr Nantien Muyo a constituency vice chairman of the NDC in Saboba who lead a timing youth of the party in the distribution of the nose masks on behalf of the paliamentary hopeful told Gaakii News the gesture was the parliamentary hopeful and NDC at large’s own way of supporting government efforts to curb the spread of the COVID 19.
He said:
“The fight against COVID 19 is for all and we must not leave it for government only. We are happy Saboba has until today not recorded a single case of COVID 19 and if we don’t relax the fight,we will surely win.
Our Honorable parliamentary candidate is a loving and patriotic son of this constituency and would not turn his back to his people during this hard times.
So please give him the node during the December 2020 polls so he can come back and serve you”
Speaking to Gaakii news on the sidelines of the exercise, Mr Nigbija Elvis Polite Kwame who was among the timing NDC youth in Saboba area said:
We are not seeking to be- little or frown on government efforts to fighting COVD 19 but what we are doing is to support the fight against COVID 19 since the central government cannot win this fight alone “
A beneficiary of the day’s distribution exercise Madam Amina in an interview with Gaakii News could no hide her excitement receiving her share of the nose masks said:
I’m happy I have finally gotten this nose mask.
I will make sure I use it anytime I go out”
The distribution is supposed to be repeated in other main markets in Saboba.
Gaakii News
Takal David Danan.

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