Mr Kayil Barnabas a young and vibrant youth seeking to represent the people of Saboba in Parliament if NPP delegates gives him the mandate in the upcoming( but suspended) primaries has got people talking in a rather positive note after embarking on a couple of philanthropic acts in the constituency.
Its not been long when Gaakii news reported that My Kayil gave the people of Nanpkel Chakosi a sigh of relieve after he repaired their broken down borehole in a quest to save them from water born diseases. Memories of this kind gesture is still fresh in the minds of constituents but Mr Barnabas pulled a big surprise after he surprised the management and staff of Radio Gaakii by showing up at the premises of the biggest community Radio Station in the Eastern corridor to present detergents and tissues meant to assist in hand washing.
Presenting the items to the management of the Radio Gaakii,Mr Barnabas said he is motivated to donate to Radio Gaakii because the station is been in the forefront of the fight against COVID 19 not only in the constituency but in the whole Northeastern corridor of Ghana and as such it’s workers must be be protected from COVID 19. Mr Kayil called for protection for media personnel’s in the country because the media as the fourth arm of government is playing a crucial role to curb the spread of the deadly virus.
Receiving the items on behalf of Radio Gaakii, Station manager Rev. Winston Binabiba thanked Mr Kayil and promised to judiciously use the detergents for it’s intended purpose.
Rev. Winston wished Mr Barnabas the best of luck in the upcoming contest and admonished him to be decorous in his campaign.
Gaakii News
Takal David Danan

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