The Assembly member for the Saboba Central electoral area Hon. Njonibi Nteyador Emmanuel has generously rolled out an initiative dubbed, One baby,One Keysoap(1B1K) aimed at donating a bar of soap(Keysoap) to every newborn baby in his electoral area.

The bar of soap that Will be given to mothers of new born babies in the electoral area according to Hon Nteyador is his own little way of showing appreciation to mothers and consoling them for the pain the go through during labor.
Mr Nteyador, in an interview with Radio Gaakii’s Licho Mathias bemoaned the fact that, some nursing mothers use Soaps that contain hazardous chemicals to wash their babies clothes and some even use such harmful soaps to bath their babies. This according to the honorable can have negative health implications on babies.

“My checks reveals that many mothers in my electoral area use a locally made soap known as ” Tamalbanku” (that contain harder chemicals)for bathing babies and doing laundry work which is not good. I therefore want to use this initiative to educate them on the harmful effects of using such Soaps especially on the skin of our dear little ones.
I know what I’m doing cannot solve the problem entirely but it would at least cushion mothers for s while”
It is estimated that about 300 women put to bed in the Saboba electoral area that has a “Zongo” at it’s center annually.

Honorable Nteyador insists that as long as he remains the Assembly member for the Saboba electoral area, any woman who put to bed will receive her bar of Keysoap.
For the next four years,mothers and yet to be mothers in the Saboba electoral area will take the honorable by his word.

Gaakii News /Mathias Licho

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